Global solutions from MVS ACMEI TECHNOLOGIES™

MVS ACMEI™ is a vertically integrated, manufacturer of innovative coated woven products and diverse multi-layer terminated reinforced plastic substrates. MVS ACMEI™ serves a wide variety of markets such as synthetic roofing underlayments, protective packaging - lumber & metal wrap, geotextiles converted fabrics, agricultural and construction products. Consistent product quality is achieved by using state-of-the-art plastic extrusion, weaving, coating, laminating, printing techniques and a strong commitment to partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Our products are the best in the Industry Globally

We of MVS ACMEI keep setting new standards of quality, offering all-round solutions for Coated woven & Non Woven Fabrics. The outstanding track record of its products, its comprehensive technical knowhow, and its excellent service have made MVS ACMEI one of the leaders in global market for coated woven & Non Woven fabric materials.

We offer high-quality laminated sheets for Metal packaging, Agri products Packaging, Pond Lining, Tarpauline applications , Roofs, façades, and cellars have been made in MVS ACMEI under the brand name MVS ACMEI®

Rigid quality controls – for sophisticated Solutions

First-class materials, continuously and strictly monitored at every stage of the manufacturing process, guarantee enduring functionality and a long life.

For us, quality means that our customers are satisfied and their expectations have been more than fulfilled. This implies constantly checking, reviewing, and improving products and processes. To think everything through down to the smallest detail, to fulfill this ambition at MVS ACMEI we remains a powerful partner of dealers, planners, and service Providers .

We are one family, one company and together we are MVS ACMEI.

Our family-owned enterprise situated in Hyderabad, India has years experience with offering innovative products & services. We have the know-how and continuous growth has made MVS ACMEI what it is today. We think in terms of decades, not business years. Thus, we are able to make long-range plans and act sustainably even in dynamic markets.

Direct and entirely personal

Each of our services is backed up by people who can be addressed directly and personally. Thus, everyone who works with products from MVS ACMEI™ anywhere in the world is paid equal attention, be it through the uniformly high quality of our products, our reliable, fast delivery service, or our application-technology consultation on the spot. This is what every one of our more than 300 employees worldwide stands for

Every one of our employees is unique. As a team, we are world class!

Behind every one of our products stands a person. And every individual contributes towards our success. The profound commitment and the team spirit of our employees form the basis for mutual trust and our high level of customer satisfaction. Our employees support a unique corporate culture that is characterised by tolerance, fairness, and a profound appreciation of the individual.

Satisfied customers are our most important potential.

We rely on individual promotion and an intensive exchange across divisional borders. Practical consequences range from systematic training and professional development to the individual promotion of initiatives and ideas under our employee suggestion scheme. Thus, we inspire one another so as to surprise our customers again and again. The result is satisfaction all round, among our customers and among our employees.

Dedicated Work

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