Roofing Underlayment

AcmeiRoof™ helps you protect your big investment roof & reduces your worries. No need to use traditional asphalt saturated felt paper. AcmeiRoof™ is many times stronger than felt & therefore offers far superior wind resistance & durability to adverse weather condition.

AcmeiRoof™ helps roofers cut their costs by able to lay more roofs in quicker time & with more safety.

AcmeiRoof™ synthetic underlayment are specially engineered multilayered products for protection of your roof from water vapor & air. Special Gripit technology ensures safe movement & excellent walkability.

Features & Benefits

  • No asphalt, hence will not rot and does not support mold growth
  • Excellent slip resistance in dry or wet condition
  • 90 day UV resistance
  • Light weight easy to handle
  • Much stronger than felt underlayment
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to install as it lays flat
  • Bottom layer non slip coating
  • Available in 48-inch width

Dedicated Work

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