Industrial Greases from MVS ACMEI TECHNOLOGIES™

MVS ACMEI TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, is the largest and fastest growing company in industrial packaging, condition monitoring and reliability maintenance services & consulting organization in India, Middle East and Africa. MVS ACMEI™ develops, produces and sells high-quality special lubricants and process fluids for almost all industrial applications worldwide. Our expertise lies in providing the highest quality lubricants alongside the proper lubrication processes and services that create sustainable value for customers. We serve core industrial segments like Steel, Mining, Paper, Ceramics, Ports, Aluminum, Copper, Zine, Cement, Power etc. through our brand “AcmeiLube”.

MVS ACMEI is the only company to integrate advanced technologies in IRM to provide complete solutions. Our offer of superior performance industrial greases add to the basket of maintenance solutions. We advise on maintenance solutions that ensure machine uptime and reduce total maintenance spend with improved machine safety, health, performance & environment. MVS ACMEI has more than 250+ engineers & analysts located across regions to offer various maintenance and condition-monitoring services 24x7.

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