Mining Application

Full range of superior performance lubricants and cost effective solutions

Equipment and Components
Mining process includes excavation, intermediate processing and transportation of materials using specialized equipment.

The equipment works in relatively low operating speeds, extremely heavy load, high vibrational and shock loads resulting in breakage of the lubricating films and thus require frequent lubricating cycles.

Working environment has presence of airborne dirt and dust creating an unwanted abrasive condition which results in limiting the operation of a mechanical component and effectiveness of the lubricating film is reduced.

Key success is ensuring uptime, reliability and cost effectiveness of the equipment by selecting superior performance lubricating grease technology and management.

  • Pin & Bushes
  • Manual & Centralized Greasing of Trucks
  • Bearing of Equipment like Crusher, Screen and Stacker Reclaimer
  • Open gear
  • Wire Rope for Cranes

Dedicated Work

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