Steel Industry

Grease and Oil in an integrated steel plant is a major challenge with numerous types of lubricants and different types of equipment. The steel plant equipment work under various operating parameters; from extreme heavy load to very high speed, low temperatures to high temperatures, dusty environment. Selection of proper lubricant is very essential for smooth operation and reliability of equipment in steel plant.

An integrated steel plant comprises of four major groups such as Iron Making, Steel Making, Rolling / Finishing and Auxiliary Units. Each group is subjected to high impact loads, water ingress, high temperature near re-heating furnaces and higher speed and high loads.

In Steel plants equipment reliability & better maintenance practices are very important which directly affect the productivity & healthy equipment. Proper lubrication can prevent various maintenance problems leading to smooth operation of steel plants. Cost of Lubricants is only a small fraction of total maintenance cost. But improper lubrication can increase number of breakdowns. Procuring superior quality of grease & Oil will be rewarding in terms of trouble free working, reduced spares and optimum cost of maintenance.

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