AcmeiVermi™ compost beds are the future of the compost technology. They are a replacement of the traditional vermi beds made form bricks & concrete, which were very time consuming to make, immovable, expensive & very tiring.

AcmeiVermi™ beds are very simple & easy to erect. Just slide it into the installation posts & they are ready to be used. Another advantage is that they are very easy to move & relocate as per the need of the customer.

AcmeiVermi™ is multilayerd product made from HDPE & other engineered chemical compounds which gives it very high strength, puncture resistance, impervious to mold & ruggedness to withstand the tough agricultural environment. .

Made as per IS 15907 : 2010 standard. Has aeration windows which ensure the compost to have proper mix of oxygen & moisture. This mix inturns provides a very good environment for microbial organism to perfom at very high efficiency level. Good aeration also prevents excess heat from being build up in the bed. The compost is made quiker & of very high quality which is very good for corp growth.

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