Geo Membranes

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AcmeiMat™ is a reinforced polyethylene geomembrane that offers exceptional hydrostatic resistance for buried and unburied containment applications. For applications where liquid containment is critical, AcmeiMat™'s durable and lightweight construction will give you maximum performance in all climates and environmental....

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AcmeiTarp™ is a high strength coated woven polyethylene fabric that provides industry leading protection for your valuable investments. AcmeiTarp™ is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications such as: Truck tarps, agricultural tarps, temporary shelters, poultry curtains and roofs, ground covers, freight covers, machine covers, liners for drums...

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AcmeiVermi™ beds represent the future in profitable and sustainable organic farming. They offer a unique combination of; simple installation, optimal aeration control, light weight materials and extremely tough construction. AcmeiVermi™ beds can help create higher agricultural yields from the production and use of vermicompost and vermiwash.

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